RBSC: The Mixing Taste

Have you ever wished there was a restaurant that serves your favourite western and eastern dishes? If so, you’ll find it at RBSC Club where it is not a problem to offer many dishes from different cuisines. You’ll surely find the perfect plates to satisfy your tastebuds here!

To start with something light, some favourites are Vietnamese Savoury Crepe or Deep-Fried Chicken Thigh in Garlic Sauce. If you prefer Italian cuisine, or fusion flavours, try Grilled Japanese eel pizza and Ebiko Topped with Rocket & Parmesan Cheese. For your main course, you have the choice of going western with Stir-Fried Black Squid Ink Spaghetti with Salmon, Garlic & Chilli, or going eastern with Pork Hamburg Curry Rice Au Gratin.

To accompany your meal with a beverage that is healthy, try Japanese Melon Smoothie. If, however, you prefer a lighter drink, we suggest trying Lotus Root and Jujube Juice.

Two favourite desserts to finish your meal with on a sweet note are Banana Spring Rolls with Vanilla Ice Cream, and Japanese Melon Ice Cream Served with Fresh Melon.

Period: November – December 2020